About Us

Money Mythos

is an across the country individual budgeting solution founded in 2009. We assist individuals, and also businesses create and also keep effective spending plans, develop financial wellness, and also find out how to plan and get to financial objectives utilizing their current income. We remove the anxiety and even the uncertainty that the majority of people experience when attempting to manage their cash.



Our objective is to assist consumers, and also organizations use their money as a way to the ends that matter the most to them. We provide useful assistance and hands-on assistance, along with aspirational support and recognition as progression is made.



Annual Spending plan Strategy spanning one year

Weekly Money Plans: a 'to do' list for your money each week

Personal Money Coaching and also Advice

Daily Money Management: costs repayment, financial institution balancing

Financial debt Decrease

Reserve and other financial savings with particular goals

Company Plan with monthly earnings and expense targets